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Socio-Economic Development

Rays of Hope is a registered non-profit organisation (063-389-NPO) and therefore eligible to receive SED donations.

  • Full points will be awarded as 100% of the beneficiary base is black South African
  • Donations can be monetary or non-monetary – goods or services (80% recognition factor)
  • Every month Rays of Hope reaches more than 2,600 people living in Alex through the nine projects that are run

Rays of Hope believes in developing lasting relationships and having a deep impact that will result in significant change across the community pillars of need: health, education and economic independence.

Despite only counting for 5 points on the Generic scorecard, the impact of SED donations can be significant. 1% of NPAT can change the lives of many disadvantaged people living in Alexandra.

Two other exciting SED opportunities:

1. Payroll Giving:

  • Employees are given the opportunity to donate to Rays of Hope when salaries are paid
  • This can be matched by the company as part of an SED donation
  • This is a great way to get people started on a philanthropy journey, which could develop into more hands-on involvement with time

2. Birthday Initiative:

  • Instead of adhoc birthday and Christmas gifts for staff, suppliers, and other contacts, the company donates to Rays of Hope on their behalf and the recipient receives a personalised thank you letter from Rays of Hope’s CEO