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The Masibambisane Empowerment Trust, funding Rays of Hope, offers significant benefits to its partners.

  • The beneficiaries are 100% black South Africans, with over 50% females – therefore the trust has 100% black with 50% women ownership
  • Committed to contributing to build a better South Africa, starting with the people of Alexandra
  • With a 27-year track record of investing time, money and energy into the lives of people – we’re in it for the long haul; we’re an evergreen partner
  • Currently impacting over 2,500 people every week; just imagine the impact if finance wasn’t an ongoing challenge
  • Rays of Hope has an excellent reputation, through which a partnership would benefit
  • Invest in real empowerment, making you, your employees and your customers proud.
  • Your employees can get hands-on involvement in social responsibility projects, thereby improving morale and staff retention
  • Achieve your B-BBEE objectives at the lowest total cost through our solutions to help you achieve the maximum points
  • Reduce the time and cost of B-BBEE compliance with 48-hour to six-week implementation

B-BBEE can be used to really impact a broad-base of Black South Africans if it is done correctly and through partnering with an organisation that is committed to building a better South Africa.