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Enterprise and Supplier Development

Priority element – must achieve 40% of points on scorecard

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development contributions refer to monetary and non-monetary contributions made with the objective of developing and sustaining the operational and financial independence of small black-owned businesses (at least 51%). The aim is to grow the number of small black-owned businesses in South Africa, who are then able to employ more people, and in turn increase the number of employed people.

AlexWorks (Pty) Ltd is a registered 100% black-owned business (2012/066416/07) operating in Alexandra township.

Initiative 1: Corporate training

From January 2019, AlexWorks (Pty) Ltd, will be offering accredited life skills training to unskilled and semi-skilled employees mostly originating from Alex.

      • 5 day course that enables learners to understand and practice principles dealing with personal development, integrity, honesty, responsibility and accountability.
      • Additional 5 – 6 Saturday sessions of facilitated learning
      • Psychometric testing

Planned for 2020, AlexWorks will expand the offering to train unemployed people from Alex in life skills, followed by either work readiness training and possible learnerships to enable them to get a job, or practical skills training (sewing, bricklaying) making it possible for them to start their own small business.

Initiative 2: The Clothing Shop

Rays of Hope receives a lot of second-hand clothing from a variety of sources, which is then bundled and sold to women from the Alex community. These women then sell the clothing into their community to bring some much-needed money into their families. The women are also trained in basic finances and money management.

  • Directors: Sihle Mooi | Trish Lockwood | Keith Small
  • All types of ED donations accepted, as per the Benefits Matrix:
    • Cash (100% recognition)
    • In-kind (goods or time; 100% recognition)
    • Loans (70% recognition)

Supplier Development

Rays of Hope, despite being a non-profit organisation, can supply a range of services to companies that will enable it to be a supplier development beneficiary.

These services include:

  • Consulting services on engaging with a non-profit company
  • Guest speakers for corporate events and functions
  • Recruitment and placement of young black people in your company