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B-BBEE Offering

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE or B-BBEE) is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government in response to criticism against narrow-based empowerment instituted in the country during 2003/2004. While narrow-based black economic empowerment led to the enrichment of a few previously disadvantaged individuals, the goal of broad-based empowerment is to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society as possible.

By partnering with the Masibambisane Empowerment Trust and Rays of Hope, the above goal can be achieved, as every Rand earned goes towards the operations of the nine community-based programmes that are run by Rays of Hope in Alexandra township, in Gauteng. These projects are empowering previously disadvantaged people to find help, healing and hope and to begin to dream about a future that is different from their current day-to-day reality.

By working closely with the Masibambisane Empowerment Trust, you can achieve points in four of the five elements on your scorecard, while at the same time making a real impact in the lives of fellow South Africans.

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